Rooney on the Wayne?

Ladies and gentlemen, today I blog about England’s fallen hero Mr Wayne Rooney. I have been stung to write a defence of the Manchester United ace. Criticised by all and sundry, Rooney, has been cut as selfish, lazy and most cutting of all passionless.

Now, don’t get me wrong, England certainly don’t deserve praise for their capitulation at the World Cup. Collectively they underperformed and were taken to school by a Germany team made up of young whipper snappers and Miroslav Klose. However, Rooney has taken so much stick for England’s demise that it seems important to introduce a sense of perspective.

Rooney certainly had a bad tournament by his impeccably high standards which were mired by his frustration, which was manifest in his vitriolic riposte to the England fans boos after the Algeria game. I saw this reaction and understood that this was a Wayne Rooney immensely frustrated and disappointed.

Indeed, Rooney, who wears England’s three lions on his arm, cut a frustrated figure throughout the tournament. However, now is not the time to question the Liverpudlian, but the time to back him. If England are going to rise again from the ashes of the World Cup, then it is certain that Rooney will be at the fulcrum leading the England wave. It is therefore important to realise that we must support Wayne Rooney instead of smashing him.

One thing is for sure, you cannot keep Wayne Rooney down. If England are to return from the brink, we need Rooney up and fighting. So please get behind him!


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on July 6, 2010.

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