Brucie Becks Ballyhoo

SteveBruce_597301Just a quick post in regards to Steve Bruce’s decision to choose David Beckham as England’s man of the match. A decision that Fabio Capello compared to handing Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize – make of that what you will, although I have to say I’m fairly non-plussed.

After the game, Beckham’s fellow teammates, Crouch and Wright-Phillips were both asked about the man of the match award. They both deflected the questions with grace and skill, in much the same way someone defends an elderly relative who speaks out of turn. The reality is that with two goals for Crouch and one for SWP they’ve got to feel miffed that Becks second-half sojourn was rated more highly. Even Beckham seemed shocked by the decision, quipping, “I don’t know who chose that”.

Anyway, back to Bruce. Decent manager, decent enough at providing generally inane comments about television football, obviously good at supporting Beckham, but dear god let’s not give him any more choices in regards to man of the match awards.

And well that Beckham beard – shocker, absolute shocker.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on October 14, 2009.

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