A passion misconstrued…


After an unforgivable absence I’ve blown the dust of my keyboard and got typing again. I’ll make a mental note not to be so lackadaisical again.

Now, to matters at hand, I have been annoyed over the last few days about the treatment of one Rio Ferdinand and his performance in England’s game against the Ukraine. For a nation that is so desperate for success on a football field, we don’t half create a witch hunt when we feel our players have underperformed or heaven help us made a mistake. This capricious treatment of our footballers has to stop if our players are going to develop winners.

The mentality of this country is to put people, celebrities, footballers, politicians, on pedestals and then revel in their downfall. Don’t get me wrong there needs to be a capacity to constructively criticise, to analyse and to review, but a capacity to verbally hate, I don’t think is necessary.

And yes, I go as far as using the word hate. You see, in this country our media love to create an arena of hate. They are like irascible wasps, make one swipe, one error of judgement and they glory in the euphoria of savagery. I don’t see this as constructive, just pointless.

Yes, we need to create an arena for public discourse, and newspapers get the ball rolling, but as a said before this needs to be constructive. There is no need to hound players, to remind them of their mistakes, for if anyone realises the impact of the mistakes made it is the person who made the error.

Let’s create an arena for encouragement when we play well and win and on the other hand let’s create a forum that doesn’t seek to damage players for mistakes, but helps them to recover strongly from them.

For as long as we continue to persecute our footballers, we’ll continue to see players defending players, managers defending players and continued feeling that England’s footballers and public are moving in unison. We are all in this together, so let’s act like we want combined success.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on October 12, 2009.

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