Arsenal gunning for City


Kolo Toure’s move to Eastlands has left me flabbergasted. Are Arsenal trying to create the petradish for Manchester City’s top-four push to flourish, well it would seem that way after selling two of their best players to City.

Wenger’s judgement is respected based on merit, but is a decision to sell Toure and Adebayor something to call into question, I certainly think so. I expected Wenger to push the boat-out to add some garnish to what proved at times a threadbare squad. Instead, he is stripping the squad even further and what with key injuries (Nasri) and inexperience (Bendtner, Gibbs, Ramsay), Arsenal could be struggling to make the top six.

Wenger has the utmost faith in his players to deliver and in some respects that is why he develops a unique atmosphere and playing style in his teams. His faith, his mentoring, his choice to go for youth over big money buys have proved fruitful in the past; however, Arsenal are standing on the precipice, if Wenger doesn’t make a change to a policy that hasn’t delivered a trophy in four years the Gooners look a culpable victim to those who eye a top-four with lustful eyes.

And yet, the decision to sell Toure and Adebayor to City – the club that is ready to push it over the top-four precipice – is footballing suicide. The Gooners are selling their top four place.

City have sent a big message to the Premierships’ big boys: we are here to be serious. Take their pursuit of United, Chelsea and Arsenal players, this to me sends that very message and then some.

Arsenal need to react to City’s advances and it’ll take a break in the ethos of the club in my opinion. Wenger should splash the cash, none of this bringing in kids. They need proven talent that is going to hit the ground running because after all that is what they have sold.

There was a time when everyone feared the trip to Highbury. The likes of Henry, Vieira, Petit, Overmars and Bergkamp picked teams apart with football that would grace the Elysian Fields. However, teams and stadiums have changed, the trip to the Emirates doesn’t instil fear; instead, it’s a fun day out – a chance to play some football.

This needs to change, Arsenal use to chew teams up and spit them back up and this must be the case now. And the only they are going to do this is by letting the purse strings loose and buying players that will make the Premierleague stand up and take note.

Patience with Wenger is starting to wear thin- it is time for the visionary to get realistic.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on July 29, 2009.

One Response to “Arsenal gunning for City”

  1. this a good article. i read somewhere that the reason why arsene wenger sold adebayor and toure is that hes trying to disband the clique that disrupted the team spirit last season. adebayor and toure are among the players in the clique.

    nonetheless, i do like to see wenger get a big name signing up front but judging from the friendlies recently theyre more likely can cope without a big name signing.

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