Chants and Derbies


As the new season starts to loom into focus it is time for the nation’s football fans to start prepping their voices for the nine months of agony they will be forced to endure.

Football games bring out our tribalistic qualities, but I think they give raise to humour that would grace any stand-up stage. Naturally the stuff I refer to would be unsuitable for the moderators of this site but here’s a link to a good site…

Title’s a shocker but the site’s pretty good. There is also the all-encompassing

While searching for these sites I started to think about chants, team’s chants and consequently football rivalry. Now it is difficult to qualify football rivalries, I mean each rivalry to the respective supporter is the biggest game of the season.

So I struck a list of factors that I think makes a footballing rivalries great…

History, national and worldwide significance, what it means to the player- bit poncy I know, but games where players are really up for it, fans.

On the basis of these criteria I’ve gone for the following list…

Boca Juniors v River Plate

El Superclasico between working class Boca and los millionaires River. Observer poll of 50 sporting things to do before you die: Number 1.Enough said.

Fenerbahçe v Galatasary

Again divided along class lines, Fener are the working class club of Istanbul, whereas Galatasary, who were founded by students, represent the nobler side of the Bosphorus city. Another interesting point- Fener are located in Asia and Galatasary are in Europe.

As if this game needed more needle!

Celtic v Rangers

Britain’s premier derby which far surpasses anything south of the border in terms of rivalry and mutual distain. Troubles have flared along sectarian lines when these two have played each other, with Celtic representing Catholicism and Rangers Protestantism.

Barcelona v Real Madrid

The club of Castilian Spain versus the club of Cataluña: el clasico. Scenes of Figo being taunted by Barca fans who flung a pig’s head at the Portuguese star after he defected from L’equip blaugrana to Madrid. Barcelona’s devastating demolition of Real at the Santiago Bernabeu may have been the inspiration for Florentino Perez’s lavish spending. It’ll be more competitive next year.

Ajax v Feyenoord

Holland’s biggest derby between the class and history of Ajax and the blue collar Feyenoord. Along with PSV these two have been the Netherland’s most successful clubs.

Roma v Lazio

The Derby della Capitale between Rome’s superclubs. The two teams share the Stadio Olimpico with Lazio’s ultras occupying Curva Nord and Roma’s fans encamping in the Curva Sud.

Olympiakos v Panathinaikos

Possibly the derby with the greatest name: Derby of the Eternal Enemies, a title that ensures no love lost in Greece’s biggest sporting rivalry. The teams divide Athens, with Panathinaikos representatives of Athens’ classic centre, and Olympiakos from the Athens port city of Piraeus.

Red Star Belgrade v Partizan Belgrade

For the majority of Serbians the question is Red Star or Partizan: 50% of the country’s footy fans support Red Star, while 32.5% support Partizan. The Grobari (Partizan) and Delije (Red Star) contest to show that they are the most loyal and passionate fans at the Serbian Eternal Derby.

Now you decide which you think is the biggest.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on July 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Chants and Derbies”

  1. Preston North End v Blackpool as reported in Man Utd magzine some time ago it was like a scene from a Seria A match with ultimate passion !!!

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