Federer stands alone but spare a thought for the unlucky loser



They’ll be dancing in the street of Basle tonight, after the Swiss doyen of all things magical on a tennis court Roger Federer beat Andy Roddick with an indefatigable effort to claim his 15th major.

Federer now supersedes ‘Pistol Pete’ Sampras to stand alone on the most number of majors in history.

Hearts most go out to Andy Roddick, however, he has been simply awesome at Wimbledon this year and had he not slipped up in the second set tie-breaker then the Texan might have been adorning tomorrow’s back pages.

As it is, his record against Federer stands at 19-2 and not in his favour. This massive discrepancy got me thinking about great sporting rivalries which inevitably end as one sided contests.

1. The Ashes

Australia, Australia, Australia…the biannual tournament has belonged to the Aussies in recent history. Despite England’s win in 2005 there is no opportunity to hide from the statistics in the last quarter of a century: Australia 10 wins England 4. Shocking!


Will our boys put these statistics right this summer: here’s to hoping!

2. England vs Germany

The England U21’s annihilation at the hands of their German adversaries got me thinking what it is about our Teutonic brothers that flummox the English on the football pitch. Like a race to put towels on sun beds the Germans seems to have a sporting edge with results to back them up.


Seven of the last ten international matches have gone in the Germans favour. Let’s just hope we don’t face them in South Africa next year.

3. Spurs vs Arsenal

North London rivals, these two share a mutual distaste of each other comparable to any other great footballing rivalry in England. Gunners fans can be so sure about their victory that they can start composing their bragging messages on the Friday before the game.


Spurs have not beaten their bitter rivals in the Premier League in ten years.

Give me a shout on your top three.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on July 5, 2009.

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