Owen vows to repay Fergie faith

MichaelOwen_2325092Michael Owen at Manchester United. Sensational stuff chaps.

This move is sure to get people up and down the country talking, indeed, the foremost football anarok in the country John McCrirck had his say on why Owen would be a great success at Old Trafford. Unfortunately McCririck- or King John McCririck Spaniel as I like to call him- wittered on unsubstantially, rounding off with some banal statement about horses, Owen and why Owen was a good guy because of horses.

Worrying stuff for United’s hordes.







        King Charles Spaniel                                                 John McCririck

However, football can be contrary at times, and maybe Fergie has found a diamond in the rough. Owen will surely need to polish his talents after a spell at Newcastle that was blighted by chronic injury problems. 

But if Fergie can get the best out of the former Real Madrid and Liverpool star, then United might be grinning like the cat that got the cream. I mean how often do players of the ilk come around for no fee.

Naturally Owen has a lot to prove to United acolytes and being a former Kopite hero means he’ll be under intense scrutiny from the moment he pulls the red jersey on. 

He says he is ready to prove allegations that he’s past it are untrue.

Fergie has given him the perfect chance to banish such allegations to the history books.


~ by jumpersforgoalposts1212 on July 3, 2009.

One Response to “Owen vows to repay Fergie faith”

  1. now hes in a team where he’ll actually get decent service, he’ll have every chance to prove himself. vote on it here:


    i think its a great piece of business. if it’s not, then utd dont really lose much.

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